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2931 Moray Ave
Courtenay, BC, V9N 7S7


Craft Distillery in the heart of the Comox Valley, producing Unruly Gin, Unruly Vodka, Drunken Hive Rum and the Wayward Order.

Wayward Spirits: Unruly Vodka, Unruly Gin and The Wayward Order.

Made from BC honey, our unique spirits have a touch of sweetness on the nose & full-bodied mouth feel. Enjoy them neat to best experience their delicate, complex flavours

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Voted BC's Favorite Vodka ~BC Distilled 2015

Made from 100% BC honey, our signature Unruly Vodka is unlike any other spirit out there. The subtle touch of sweetness on the nose, the full-bodied mouth feel, and a hint of vanilla on the palate are what make this vodka stand out. The incredibly smooth finish and uncompromising dedication to the highest quality of spirit are what sets Unruly Vodka apart.

$43.39 + tax  / 750mL bottle / 40%ABV


#2  BC's Favorite Gin ~ BC Distilled 2015

This gin is a beautifully balanced blend of organic, locally sourced botanicals delicately infused into our 100% BC Honey Spirit. This unique starting point, paired with a variety of traditional and West Coast ingredients, will make this Unruly Gin stand up in any cocktail or martini and stand out as a must-have for the gin enthusiast. Unlike traditional juniper heavy London Dry gins, Unruly Gin is a refreshingly alternative Canadian-style gin that has balanced and complimented its juniper with a hint of cedar and citrus, a dash of fragrant lavender and sarsaparilla root, and the vibrant notes of coriander.

Enjoy Unruly Gin neat to fully experience the delicate and complex flavours, or introduce it to your favourite cocktails and martinis and watch it shine.

$47.74 + tax / 750ml Bottle / 43% ABV




Very limited seasonal release

only available in the distillery

Crafted from locally grown berries and herbs, these two very limited releases will leave you nostalgic for the warm breezes and delicious flavours of our West Coast Summer.


Crisp and tart local raspberries are unexpectedly balanced against the warmth and spice of locally grown organic ginger. Creating a big, rich and deeply satisfying berry vodka.

$34.70 + tax / 375ml Bottle /40% ABV


Juicy local strawberries are complimented by savory Holy Basil and balanced with just a touch of caramelized honey. This liqueur is aromatic, fresh and 100% natural.

$30.34 + tax / 375ml Bottle / 33% ABV

Depth Charge Full Sized (4816x7217).jpg

Wayward Order - Depth charge

Espresso and Cacao Bean Liqueur with Cold Pressed Coffee, Espresso and Organic Cocao Nibs

Definitely not the coffee liqueur of your past. Depth Charge is a beautifully crafted blend of locally roasted coffee and rich dark espresso from Royston Roasting Company paired with organic cocoa nibs and brought together with just a touch of raw BC honey.

 Historically, a Depth Charge is an explosive dropped overboard into the water in an attempt to damage a submarine. Today, a Depth Charge more commonly refers to a delicious coffee drink made by dropping multiple shots of espresso into coffee, perfect for those early mornings or late nights. Served at 33% with only a fraction of the sweetness of traditional liqueurs, Depth Charge is a rich and sophisticated alternative to overly sweet and syrupy coffee liqueurs.

Every bottle of our Wayward Order is hand crafted in ultra small batches with very limited distribution. 

$30.34 + tax / 375ml Bottle / 33% ABV



Spiced Honey Liqueur Back for a Second Year

Our Wayward Krupnik is a deeply aromatic blend of spices, citrus, and wild BC honey delicately blended with our hand-crafted honey spirit to create a superbly rich and soul-warming liqueur.

Let the opulent tradition of this drink seep into your bones. Krupnik is a labour intensive traditional Polish Spiced Honey Liqueur that is comprised of  unpasteurised BC honey, lemon, orange and a myriad of warming spices like clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Krupnik is a unique spirit that is warming, smooth and resonates quality with attention to detail.

Enjoy Krupnik warmed on the stove, in tea or coffee, chilled with apple juice or as the ultimate flask companion

Krupnik is 100% natural so some settling may occur.

Every bottle of our Wayward Order is hand crafted in ultra small batches with very limited distribution, so grab it while you can.

$34.70 + tax / 375ml Bottle / 40% ABV


Premium Craft 151 - Distilled from Honey

Push the boundaries of creativity with this unique and versatile spirit hand-crafted from honey. Elixir 151 is the only premium high-proof vodka, giving you unparalleled control over the flavours in your cocktail creations and the perfect addition to any mixologists repertoire.

Unlike most vodka which is blended with water to 80 proof, Elixir 151 is blended to 151 proof. Only the cleanest and tastiest of the Hearts are collected for this spirit ensuring you’re getting the purest spirit possible. This creates a richer Cocktail Elixir that will only be diluted with the flavours you choose!

Elixir 151  presents a perfect canvas for you to make your own liqueurs, bitters, and infusions. The remarkable properties and delicious flavour of this spirit, together with the higher alcohol content, ensures a more efficient extraction of essences from your botanicals.



When mixing cocktails, the key to using Elixir 151 is remembering that it’s nearly twice the proof - or twice as strong - as what you normally put in your beverages. Therefore keep in mind that you only need to use half as much per serving!

Extremely flammable, please create with care.

151 Proof, 75.5%, 375ml, $39.04 + tax

Wayward Order - Bourbon Barreled Gin

Wayward Order - Bourbon Barreled Gin
Batch 2

Only available in the distillery

 Wayward's second release of Bourbon Aged Gin is a celebration of all things barrel! With all the taste of Gin but the maturity of Bourbon. Finely crafted Unruly Gin spends 6 full months in the sweet and smoky heart of a premium full sized Basil Hayden bourbon barrel!  Creamy vanilla and citrus on the nose, lively forest notes on the tongue, and a long Madagascar pepper finish will leave you incredibly sad there's only 1 barrel. This is one to sit and savour.

Although superb on its own, our Bourbon Barreled Gin adds depth to traditional gin cocktails that dark spirit drinkers often find missing. Amazing in a Negroni or Last Word, it also brings pleasant spicy notes to an Old Fashioned. 

Only 570 bottles in this Single Barrel Release.

$34.70 + tax / 375ml Bottle / 45% ABV





A premium sipping Rum like no other!
Traditionally, Rum is made from sugarcane byproduct, usually molasses. Never one for tradition, Wawyard's Drunken Hive is crafted from molasses made from caramelized BC honey instead.

After meticulous fermentation and distillation, we aged Drunken Hive in a single full sized bourbon cask for a full year. Just before bottling we added a little Comox Glacier water and a touch of Caramelized honey before bottling at 42.5%

The result is amazing. Dark Fruit and Pecan on the nose with a rich Caramel Brulee body. All finished with Smoky Honeycomb. 

Only 648 bottles in this Single Barrel Release, available on the Summer Solstice, in the distillery and online.

$43.39 + tax / 375ml Bottle / 42.5% ABV