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Dave Brimacombe, Founder/Distiller
(250) 218-2363

Andrea Brimacombe, Founder/Director
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2931 Moray Ave
Courtenay, BC, V9N 7S7


Craft Distillery in the heart of the Comox Valley, producing artisan craft gin, vodka, and other spirits.


We wouldn't be able to craft such fine spirits without the support of our local community

and the fantastic growers and producers here.

Allow us to introduce you to all of our Wayward Community.


Golden Clover Apiary

Without the honey there would be no Wayward. As such, Wayward needed to find the perfect match to our vision for uniquely honey-based spirits and Golden Clover Apiary is that match. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Glenn, a third generation beekeeper, and Tammy with 15 years of bee experience, both decided to move to beautiful Tomslake in Northern BC and start their own apiary. With pollination being the driving force behind Golden Clover, the hives get the opportunity to travel all throughout the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan and produce some of the finest blueberry and cranberry honey in the region. After a hard working season the bees get to rest on the lush clover fields in the Peace River Region and produce the clover honey that Wayward exclusively uses to make all of our Unruly spirits.


Amara Farm

Amara Farm, an organic farm located in South Merville, is owned and operated by Arzeena Hamir. After spending a decade working overseas with farmers in Jamaica, Bangladesh, India, and Thailand to encourage sustainable and integrated agriculture, composting and natural alternatives to pesticide use, Arzeena returned to BC and the Comox Valley. She now shares her passion for agriculture with the local community, and when Arzeena heard we were using corriander in our Unruly Gin she immediately started growing enough to supply us with everything we would need to see us through our first year of gin crafting.


Country Aire FArm

Country Aire Farm is a small farm with a big heart in the Comox Valley. Run by the good natured Alex Long, there is something for every season here. Bedding and vegetable plants in the Spring, seasonal fruits and vegetables during the Summer and Fall, fresh free-range turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and free-range eggs are available throughout the year. Alex heard we needed dried lavender to make our Unruly Gin and promptly offered up his expert services to grow and harvest lavender for us.


 Royston Roasting Company

royston coffee photo.jpg

Royston Roasting Company,  located in the town of Royston, fresh roasts all of their Fair Trade and Certified Organic coffee beans on-site in their own coffee shop. This fixture in the small town is owned and operated by Gary and Dyan Spink, a couple with an obvious passion for roasting the perfect bean and making an exquisit cup of coffee. Thanks to the help and continued support of these coffee aficionados we were able to develop our Espresso and Cacao Bean Liqueur, Depth Charge.


Clever Crow Herbs and Spices

clever crow photo.jpg

Clever Crow, run by Lia and Brian McCormick, produces fantastic culinary finishing sea salts and gorgeous herb and spice blends right here in the Comox Valley. With 18 years living in the Valley and a passion for growing food and enhancing the flavours on your plate, Lia and Brian know a few things about herbs. This translated into a great match for Wayward when we went looking for more lavender to see us through the winter months.


Eatmore Sprouts


Eatmore Sprouts & Greens is a certified organic farm run by Glenn and Carmen Wakeling. They produce a variety of sprouts and greens in Courtenay and the Comox Valley year round, and during the growing season their production expands to include a wide variety of vegetables, forage foods, perennial bedding plants, herbs, and cut flowers. Eatmore jumped right into helping us with their organic lavender for our Unruly Gin.